Corporate Profile

We are boutique agency that was established in late 2013. In 2010 an idea to sprung to mind that we could create an agency that could offer a superior level of service and to sell real estate in any part of NSW from one office. We faced many obstacles in our business plan and knew that we would have to take marketing and networking to a whole new level. After 3 long years of intense preparation Bos Realty came to fruition. Since our inception in late 2013 we have exceeded our quarterly expectations with multiple sales from Liverpool to Lake Macquarie including land, houses, commercial units and apartments. Our success has been driven by our custom marketing strategies which have allowed us to attract new buyers and by also targeting our 30 year database of buyers which have played a significant role in our sales.

After achieving our main two objectives in the first 3 months our goals still remain the same; to achieve the highest selling prices throughout NSW and to continue to offer a premium level of service and expertise.